2019 EFMD Job Fair for PhDs in Business and Management

practical information


NEOMA Business School
9 Rue d'Athènes
75009 Paris

Jean-Alexis Spitz


Participation is free of charge for PhD candidates, including all the social activities included in the event’s flow (cocktail, lunches, coffee breaks).

Participation fee for recruiting schools and universities:

  • EFMD Member: €850 (+21% VAT) for the first recruiter in a group.
    The second gets a 15% discount and from the 3rd recruiter, a 30% discount is applicable.
  • EFMD Non-Member: €1.100 (+21% VAT) for the first recruiter in a group.
    The second gets a 15% discount and from the 3rd recruiter, a 30% discount is applicable.

This fee for recruiting schools and universities includes:

  • participation of selected number of recruiters representing the school/university. A school/university add recruiters by managing its group after the registration is complete.
  • Booking a private interview room is possible and will be charged in addition to the fee (€300 +21% VAT)
  • all the social activities included in the event’s flow (cocktail, lunches, coffee breaks etc.)


Register as a Candidate

By submitting your CV and the additional materials you could be selected for an interview by one of the participating institutions.

Come back to your profile after 16 September to see the list of recruiting schools and universities!

Material to submit

As part of the registration process, you are expected to upload:

  • your CV
  • your Job Market Paper (A Job Market Paper is the best paper that the candidate has written so far on his research. It can be already published or not and confidentiality is guaranteed)
  • a recent picture

Please note that these documents are mandatory to participate in the Job Fair. Don’t forget to upload them in due time.

You can also upload additional documents such as:

  • a brief research statement
  • a brief teaching statement
  • information about your Doctoral Supervisor
  • recommendation letters

Your profile can be updated until 13 September, EOB. Then, the material will be made accessible to the recruiters to schedule interviews with the candidates that interest them.

Registrations are not yet open but you can contact the coordinator with a specific request.


You will have precisely 15 minutes at the Fair to present your Job Market paper. A 5-minute Q&As will follow.

It is important to use those 15 minutes effectively. Here are some tips to be most successful:

  1. Arrive on time, 5 minutes before your session schedule. Between each presentation, there will be a 5 minute break. Introduce yourself to the moderator.
  2. The moderator is instructed to keep each session on time and will signal you towards the end of your presentation to say how much time you have left.
  3. Prepare slides: about 8 slides should be used, max. 10. Have your slides checked by someone to avoid any mistakes! Always bring a backup version (in pdf) of your presentation on a USB device.
  4. If you present tabled results, use a clear lay-out and letter type large enough to ensure that audience in the back of the room can still comfortably read your slides.
  5. Your presentation is a “research question and findings” presentation. However, do not direct your presentation at specialists. Keep it simple and assume that the audience knows about your specific research area only in general terms.
  6. Be concise and to the point! You can surprisingly say a lot in 15 minutes if you do not go into details. Here is how you can structure your presentation:
    • introduce briefly yourself and your career plan;
    • introduce your research question;
    • briefly discuss existing answers in the literature;
    • describe your findings/answers;
    • explain your research method (and data (sources) used when relevant).
    • conclude by highlighting your contribution to the research literature in your area.
  7. Rehearse as much as possible, in front of an audience. You will then feel more at ease on the big day. If you exceed your time, make some changes.
  8. Please note that there will be 5 minutes dedicated to Q&As. This will allow the recruiters to better understand your work and career plans.


Register as a Recruiter

As recruiter, you will receive relevant information about all the PhD candidates through the website of the event, organised by research and teaching areas. Please consult the Participants’ Profile section after 16 September in order to view the profiles of all registered candidates. Interviews with the job-seeking candidates can be scheduled:

  • Within the 3 weeks preceding the event (from 17 September), after studying the candidate’s profile on the website
  • During the conference, after seeing an interesting presentation or after interaction with the candidate.

You can book private interview rooms. Temporary interview booths will also be installed at NEOMA. Interviews can also be arranged more informally in the surroundings of the School.

Registrations are not opened yet but you can contact the coordinator with a specific request.


From Charles De Gaulle Airport: 55 min by public transportation (RER B and connection), 40-120 min by taxi depending on traffic

From Orly Airport: 45 min by public transportation, 40-75 min by taxi depending on traffic

Access to NEOMA by public transportation:

Subway : Trinité - d’Estienne d’Orves (line 12), Saint Lazare (line 14), Liège (line 13)

RER : Auber (line A), Gare St Lazare (line E)

Bus : Trinité (line 32)

More details on public transportation here


All participants are expected to make their own hotel arrangements.