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fri20sep14:0015:00A “Trustless” Ecosystem for BusinessCertification and verification of learning credentials using blockchain technology14:00 - 15:00 CET Location: on-line event

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In a highly competitive global market, being able to integrate the right skills may cause the success or failure of a company. Corporates urge to efficiently measure the impact of their workforce’s skills set and constantly update it with new skills and resources according to the company’s innovation plans. Unfortunately, the low entry barriers of the internet make it easy for anyone to pretend to be whatever they like to be or whatever the market requires. Moreover, easily forgeable badges or certificates, make it even more difficult than ever to distinguish trustworthy credentials from fakes.

TiiQu technologies use transparency and immutability of blockchains to enable certification and verification of credentials about identity, work, education and experience. TiiQu envisions a world where hiring decision-making is objective and fair (TiiQu Code of Ethics) and in which companies and teaching organizations contribute to, and benefit from, issuance of certified proofs of education and work experience that are instantly verifiable. TiiQu wants to contribute to a world where reputation is an asset managed by accountable individuals who control their own data and collect such proofs in a shareable digital professional passport.


Higher education is under pressure to enhance the employability of graduates by ensuring that they acquire competencies that make them employable in the labour market. The future of business schools is tied up with their future legitimacy. Without it they will have a declining influence on the next generation of business leaders.

TiiQu will enable higher education providers to issue certificates that cannot be faked, significantly decrease processes, exponentially reduce costs associated with data protection, and cancel forever the need for credentials validation. In addition, as universities need to constantly scout best candidates, TiiQu will allow them to benefit from a transparent ecosystem where identity, educational and professional background can be verified by a single click.

As the greatest strength of business education is its ability to form a class of people with highly demanded transversal soft skills which have been so far very difficult to be objectively quantified, TiiQu will collaborate with Business Schools to release irrefutable instantly verifiable micro-credentials of soft skills earned as part of their courses. The result of which will be higher employability for students, demonstrable impact of business schools and decreased costs of recruiting for companies.

This webinar is part of the event calendar of the Alumni Association of the Executive Academy. Representatives of the EFMD membership at large are cordially invited as well.

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Laura Degiovanni

Ulrich Hommel
Hendrik Lohse


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Speakers for this event

  • Hendrik Lohse

    Hendrik Lohse

    Director of Oxford & Dublin Campuses - EM Normandie Business School

    Director of Oxford & Dublin Campuses - EM Normandie Business School

  • Laura Degiovanni

    Laura Degiovanni

    CEO TiiQu - blockchain based certification and verification management systems CERTiiF | VERiiF

    CEO TiiQu - blockchain based certification and verification management systems CERTiiF | VERiiF

  • Ulrich Hommel

    Ulrich Hommel

    Senior Advisor, Professional Development Services, EFMD GN

    Senior Advisor, Professional Development Services, EFMD GN


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